Monday, July 15, 2013

Sea Cucumber-nado

Yes, I confess. Arizona and I watched Sharknado last night. For those of you who haven’t yet experienced this gem, it’s a low-budget, campy laugh fest of a made-for-TV trainwreck by the same people (the SyFy channel) who brought you Megapiranha and Sharkoctupus vs. Crocosaurus. It premiered last week, blew up Twitter, and actually had its own front-page listing on Comcast’s On Demand menu. So, of course, it was a Sunday must-see for us.

Do I need to summarize the so-called plot? (Please don’t make me.) Suffice it to say that the title reflects things pretty well, both in subject matter and ludicrocity.

In the first five minutes, our conversation went something like this:

Arizona: Does California even get hurricanes?
Me: I think they’re called Typhoons in the Pacific.
Arizona: Isn’t that more Japan? I didn’t think California really got them.
Me: If this is the worst "time to suspend disbelief" moment in this movie, I’ll be surprised. I mean, really. Sharknado.
Arizona: Point made.

Long about the middle, amidst conversational gems such as, “Are the sharks really going to be hungry when they’ve just flown through the air and/or washed along a major freeway?” and “Wait, if the sharks are whizzing through the air due to the tornado, why do they fall when he shoots them?” Arizona says, “If the sharks are being sucked up out of the ocean and into the waterspout, why aren’t there other fish in there, too? Or an orca?”

Me: Because Perch-nado just didn’t have the same ring. Or Bass-nado.
Arizona: Right. Or Sea Cucumber-nado. Minnow-nado. Anemone-nado.
Me: Say that last one five times fast.

Suffice it to say that we had a whole lot of fun with this seriously silly movie, which included a plot twist at the end that neither of us saw coming (largely because we couldn’t figure out how it could be possible without some not-in-evidence scuba gear or a breathing tube or something). Because, yeah, campy sci-fi movies are a guilty pleasure of ours.

You know how there are certain movies you can watch over and over again, picking up from wherever? Mine include The Mummy, Armageddon and Independence Day, while one of his is The Goonies. Will Sharknado go on that list? Probably not, but it was perfect for a Sunday night laugh.

What about you? Have you seen Sharknado yet? Is it on your must-see list? What are some of your guilty-pleasure, watch them over and over movies?


  1. I haven't seen Sharknado, not sure it was on TV in the UK but might have to check it out. My real guilty pleasure is Mortal Kombat, I also really like The Mummy movies and can't resist anything with Thor/Loki in the new Marvel incarnations. :)

    1. *knuckle tap* to a fellow Mummy watcher! I'm not sure if 'highly recommended' is the right description for Sharknado, but if you can find it for free, it's really hilariously bad. Mortal Kombat is a good one, and yay for Marvel!