Monday, October 14, 2013

Eek! (aka Gotta Make This Deadline)

Hey folks! I'm coming to you from my writer's cave, which at the moment consists of a couch, fuzzy blanket, cat, computer and no sleep, with Arizona providing food at semi-regular intervals.

Revisions on the third Mustang Ridge book (Krista's book!) are due tomorrow, and I'm in the weeds. The first draft of this book? Not good. My rewrites? Good. My timetable? I#%@@. So I'm keeping this short and sweet, and will be back with you next Monday having turned this book back in to my editor (writing gods willing!).




  1. That sounds like war...good luck. be safe. OH! and remember to breathe ;)

    1. For a second I thought that said 'remember to bathe' and I was like 'how did she know?' ROFLOL!

    2. You really do need a break! HAHAHA! As much as I want the next book, don't hurt yourself, okay? Take a walk outside before it gets cold!