Monday, February 2, 2015

Pleeeeease release me …!

Have you ever heard the Def Leppard version of that song? It was done as a joke, released as the B side of a cassette single (and yes, I just totes dated myself), and sung in a nasal whine reminiscent of the result should a giant mosquito have mated with that woman from the Nanny. You haven't heard it? Well, you're not missing much. However, you WILL be missing out if you don't grab a copy of my latest release, FIRELIGHT AT MUSTANG RIDGE, which is hitting the stores/kindles/other devices tomorrow, Feb 3!

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Excerpt (If this link isn't live yet, check back in an hour, I'm working on it! And no, Autocorrect, I didn't mean 'I'm whoring on it.' Sigh.)

Here's the blurb:

In the latest Mustang Ridge novel, sometimes a little change is exactly what a person needs....

Ever since striking it big on a gemstone claim in the Wyoming mountains, Sam Babcock has known luck is on his side—except when it comes to the people he loves. When he forms a surprising connection with an alluring newcomer staying at his friend Wyatt’s ranch, Sam starts to question everything he thought he knew....

Needing time and space to heal, former daredevil Danny Traveler is camping out in a valley beyond Mustang Ridge Dude Ranch. She wants to take care of herself for once—and a sexy cowboy might be just the distraction she needs. But when Danny discovers there’s much more to Sam than meets the eye, she begins to long for more than a casual fling. Can she convince the confirmed bachelor that it’s worth changing his ways for a chance at long-term happiness?

And the author's note in the front of the book, which I wanted to share with you all:

Dear ReaderFriend,

We all know what they saythings change, people change, live in the moment because you never know what tomorrow might bring. But even if we keep up with our fortune-cookie fortunes and do our best with our deep breathing, we’re never quite ready for that moment where life goes BOOM and everything takes a left-hand turn, are we? I sure wasn’t, five or so years ago when I woke up one morning (or so it seemed at the time) to find myself with no partner, a house I couldn’t afford, and no idea what came next.

Well, what came next was more life—those cookies tell us that life is what happens while we’re making plans, right? Tomorrow comes whether we’re ready for it or not. For me, a bunch of doors closed but a whole lot of windows opened, and suddenly that too-big house was humming with activity as my mom (who rocks) and a dear friend (shout out, Liana!) helped me paint and pack and get the heck out of Dodge.

Maybe I didn’t go as far as Danny Traveler doesall the way to Mustang Ridge, Wyomingand maybe the healing I needed to do was very different from hers. But like her, I made a new home someplace I never expected to be. And, like her, one day I met a big, broad-shouldered man from out Westone who knows how to ride and shoot and fend for himself, and who I absolutely wouldn’t have been ready for, had I met him any sooner in my journey.

So welcome back to Mustang Ridge, dear ReaderFriend. Please join me in a story that is near and dear to my heart, about left-hand turns, moments that go BOOM, and how a former adrenaline junkie-turned-nervous Nellie puts the pieces back together with the help of a slow-talking cowboy who is far more than he seems. And if you’re in the process of putting a few pieces back together yourself, please know that you’re not alone.



And, finally, a picture of Arizona and Wallaby comparing tootsies, just because :)


  1. Wallaby!!! I love it!!! How is the Mama doing? Getting any sleep?

    Also I am loving the new book, Jess! Just what I needed as I got snowed in LOL

    1. Yay! So happy to hear you're digging Firelight, Stacy! Thanks for the shout out. As for sleep, we're doing pretty well, thanks. He usually goes about three hours at a stretch, so if I can put together two and a half or three of those sleep-chunks, it's almost a full night's sleep ;) I'm seeing lots of 2 a.m. Law and Order reruns, though. That's for sure!

  2. guess this means I need to hurry up and read the previous one (I was hoarding it so I didn't have to wait as long for your latest book)

    1. Waves to Dee. Yes, you can read HARVEST now, and then jump straight into FIRELIGHT. What fun :)

      Hubby is good at hoarding books and shows until he can binge read/watch a bunch in a row. Me? I don't have the self control. I plan on hoarding, but then darned if the book/show doesn't call to me ...

  3. woo hoo can't wait to read it :)

  4. How Freakin Cute!!!! I'm real excited about the book, can't wait to read it!!!

    1. Thanks, Carla! Yes, kiddo has paws like a Labrador puppy, but they're nothing yet compared to dad :)

  5. Replies
    1. You've been part of all of it, chica, from the writing to helping me get my butt out of the old place! Many hugs :)

  6. Just saw a pic of Wallaby and he is so precious. Don't know how you get much done with that extra package to care for. Enjoy while you can. From a 60 year old grandma.