Monday, March 23, 2015

The Fox, the Goose and the Grain (or, technically, the Kid, the Cat and Me)

It's going to be a busy day. Mind you, I booked the appointments, so any resulting chaos is entirely on me. But somehow I wound up with a 9 a.m. visit to the pediatrician, a 12:30 at the vet's and a 3:40 at the gyno. Sounds like a party going someplace to happen, doesn't it? In an effort to keep it a *good* party, I am going to operate today on the following to-do list:

1. Bring Wallaby to pediatrician for 9 a.m. Fortunately, the office is right around the corner from our Little House In The Trees, and I remembered to give him a bath last night. If I put him in a completely random, non-matching outfit, he will likely refrain from spitting up the instant I have him fully strapped in his car seat (the reverse is also true). While he and I will likely be traumatized by the administration of his baby shots, we can afterwards be soothed by a boob and a chocolate donut, respectively.

2. Back home, hang with Wallaby, read Just-So Stories, dance to his favorites (much to Arizona's concern, he's a fan of Katy Perry), and when he conks out, attempt to write that last scene for the upcoming long novella (STARTING OVER AT MUSTANG RIDGE, available … er … soon-ish). 

3. Make sure Lucy T. Cat (known at the vet's office as Cujo) doesn't get let out past midmorning. Once she's confirmed to be inside, retrieve the Hated Cat Carrier (HCC) and leave it in an appropriate spot. (This is my corgis' old carrier, as Lucy is too big and mean to use Pixel's soft-and-cuddly little kitty carrier. Cujo needs plastic sides and metal bars.)

4. Starting around 11:30, monitor Lucy. When she goes into a room with a door, shut said door.

5. Around noon, hand off Wallaby to his father (thanking the powers that be that we both work from home) wrestle HCC into Room With Cat. Commence Cat Insertion Procedure. Apply Band-Aids as needed.

6. Bring cat-containing HCC to vet. Allow the techs to whisk Cujo and her container into the back, where they do vet stuff, mostly through the bars.

7. Return home and release the pissed-off cat to go sulk under some furniture. Probably discover that Arizona has fed Wallaby all three Daddy Snack bottles that were in the fridge, despite them being marked for different days. Get an hour of good writing done because baby is dead asleep.

8. Look at clock, discover it's 3:15, remember I meant to shower and shave. Curse, put Arizona back in charge of Wallaby, and zoom off to yet another doctor's office.

9. Come home, give self high-five for making it through the list. And maybe a cookie. Probably a cookie. Then write more. Did I mention that I need to finish this novella?

Heck, definitely a cookie.

So how about you? What's on tap for your busy day this week?


  1. Dude you should get more than one cookie for all of that! I'm slightly scared for the vet haha!

  2. A tequila shot at the end of the day wouldn't hurt.

  3. I'm with Natascha on this one. A cookie just won't do it! :) Maybe cujo should get a shot as well! LOL!