Monday, June 22, 2015

Cutting Our Teeth and a NEW RELEASE!

Wallaby may look like the spitting image of his daddy at the same age, but he's very much my kid when it comes to responding to pain versus frustration. I dislocate my elbow biking? I pop it back into joint and walk a mile out of the woods to the car. The cable goes out in the middle of an episode of iZombie? I screech like a banshee. 

Similarly, when Wallaby gets a shot, his response is to glare at the nurse, but if he's trying to master a new skill and can't make his body work the way he wants it to? Watch out, eardrums! So it perhaps shouldn't have been a surprise that his first two teeth came in last week without much in the way of fanfare.

(On his part, at least. I may have been rather more dramatic when he unexpectedly bit down on a tender part of my anatomy. We're working on that.)

Dude … I've got teeth … (and some styling pool noodles taped to the edges of … well, everything that has an edge).

It's fitting, really, as kiddo's first two teeth coincided with the release of my first self-published e-book, a Mustang Ridge story about starting fresh. In fact, I'd like to share my Author's Note with you: 

Dear ReaderFriend,

This story is dedicated to new beginnings because recently so many things have begun anew in my life, including marriage, motherhood, and my honest (and occasionally successful) attempts to live in the moment and find something to love about every day, even the toughest ones.

That’s part of what makes Della and Max so interesting to me—she can always find something to love about old clothes (even the most shiny, flammable and shoulder-padded monstrosity), while he’s constantly looking ahead to his next job and shiny new gadget. So I love watching the two of them slow down and enjoy the time they have together … until poof! It’s over and they have to figure out what comes next.

For my part, I’m enjoying the moment, and am grateful to you, my ReaderFriend, for choosing to read Starting Over at Mustang Ridge. I hope that Max and Della’s story reminds you to find something to love about each and every day … And if you can’t, that it reminds you that sometimes a change of direction can be just what a girl needs!


Whether we're talking teeth or a new publishing venture, beginnings can be an exciting time! Thank you as always for sharing my weekly milestones, writerly and otherwise, and if you'd like to help out, please buy, read and review your own copy of Starting Over at Mustang Ridge for Kindle or Nook!

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  1. Hahaha I love your examples of how you handle pain vs. frustration!

    And I kinda want to see pics of how you've taped pool noodles to the edgy things around your house haha :P