Monday, August 25, 2014

Caption That Photo- The Charity Cowboy Man-Titty Edition

Calling all my wonderfully creative (and occasionally naughty-minded) ReaderFriends! I need slogans for half-naked cowboy types. Think you're up for it?

Okay, here's the sitch: the rescue (fully nonprofit, accredited and aboveboard) at which I volunteer does these really awesome Men of Beech Brook Farm calendars. This involves us posing and photographing half-naked (and sometimes more than half-naked, lol) local hunks--friends and significant others of the volunteers, local athletes, Navy guys, Coast Guardies, etc.--as they interact with the rescue's horses and donkeys. As you might imagine, this is *not* a hardship for most of us.

Then there's Photographer Guy. 

Now, PG is plenty openminded and a Very Good Sport--he's a valued volunteer, a board member, the adopter of a rescue horse and a star of the 2015 calendar lineup (and no, I'm not telling you what month). He's also a trained graphic designer, as well as a fellow Battlestar geek and my go-to for movie recommendations. The calendar is his baby, and he does an amazing job. However, this means that over the past few months, poor PG has spent a whole lot of his time posing, photographing, cropping, arranging, rearranging and discussing half-naked male cowboy-types. And, as you might imagine given that I'm involved in said conversations, they don't always stay G-rated.

Okay, they *rarely* stay G-rated. (hangs head) Though in my defense, I wasn't the one that said "Is that a piece of his you-know-what showing?" Which then commenced an extended analysis of the photograph (and flesh-colored object) in question. In great detail. With lots of zoom. And giggling.

(It's a piece of the saddle, by the way. We swear.)

ANYWAY, the photos are in and done, the calendars (complete with centerfold!) are in production for delivery beginning in October, and the pre-order forms are live ... and, like many of us, the rescue is scuffling to make ends meet. We really need this fundraiser to be a success. So we're looking for ways to get the word out! PG, being a Very Good Sport, came up with this flier:

Which I think is pretty awesome. And, no, I wouldn't mind nailing--er, pinning that guy to my wall. (I would apologize to Arizona for that, but he enjoys a good cheerleader carwash as much as the next guy.) When PG posted this, though, and suggested that we do a new one each month he added a semi-plaintive: "Could you guys come up with the rest of the slogans? It's really not my thing."

So, to help out poor Photographer Guy, I'm appealing to you! I need some pithy sayings that we can pair up with pictures of horses and hunky men. They should be naughty but not too naughty (though if you want to get raunchy in the comment trail, be my guest), and make us want to have a copy of the Men of Beech Brook 2015 hanging on our walls.

And ... go!

Oh, and want to pin that guy to your wall, or know somebody who would? Preorder here!


  1. Hey, is that paint in every photo? (Yup, there's always ONE wisenheimer in every crowd. It's usually me.)

    Rope yourself a calendar.
    Hustle up a calendar.
    Rustle up a calendar.
    Your new FAVORITE monthly visitor. Move over, Aunt Flo.
    Cowboy dreams for a good cause.
    Just buy one. Or some. It's for charity.
    Feed your dreams, feed a horse.

    1. SNORT! I just had a juice-out-nose moment at the monthly visitor one, Rhonda. Don't know if it'll make it on a flier, but I'm totally sharing it with the other vols. No doubt much to PG's chagrin ;)

      LOL on the paint comment. I think those are his only two appearances, but we don't want to give away all our pics in the first advertising push! And, yeah, one in every crowd ...

  2. There's more than a calendar hanging here.

    Guess what everybody on my list is getting for Christmas...

    1. Love it! I'm totally passing it along. And I know, right? Good cause, good karma, hot guys, horses ... hard to go too far wrong :)

  3. Save a horse. Gawk at a cowboy!

    1. Love! And they're pretty gawk-worthy ;)

  4. Save a horse, buy a cowboy...I mean calendar.

    1. Hee hee! I wonder if I could deduct 'purchase of cowboy' from my taxes. It's research, yanno ... ;)

  5. "Would you like to hold on to this guys reins?"
    "Wanna brush this guy down"
    "Would you like to join me in the saddle?"
    "I think I might need a little taming"