Monday, October 20, 2014

Are you a 'Weener?

Last year plus a couple of weeks, it went like this:

Me: Okay, I'm going to head out and do a bread-eggs-milk run.

Arizona: You want company?

Me: Your call. I know you've had a long day. But if you stay here, remember that tonight it's okay if people knock on our door wearing masks. 

Arizona (stiffening): Why is that?

Me: You know. Halloween? 

Arizona: That's tonight? 

Me: Mmm-hmm.

Arizona: Is there candy?

Me: A dozen or so Kit-Kats, by the door. (Between the ski-slope driveway and relative lack of kidlets in the neighborhood, ours is *not* a prime trick-or-treating house.) Save me one, okay?

Arizona (salutes): Got it. Don't eat all the Kit-Kats, and don't pepper spray the neighbors.

Me: Words to live by. I think I'll go embroider it on a towel.

It's true--we're not big Halloweeners. In fact, I'd say we're not all that big on most 'official' holidays, as Arizona would far rather give gifts when the mood strikes him, rather than being told it's time to buy-buy-buy! Granted, this hasn't yet translated to him randomly deciding to dress up as a pirate on a given Thursday for his own version of Halloween, but a girl can hope, can't she? 

Me, I just go with the flow for the most part, and put my foot down now and then when it's important to me. Like with our 'I don't care what you call it, but I'm decorating a tree and you're getting presents whether you like it or not' on December 25. And I know that when the day comes that I get an itch to dress up and do the Halloween thing, he'll be a sweetie and play along (especially if I tell him that we're dressing up as zombie mountain bikers). 

So how about you? Are you partying this year? Dressing up? Dressing up your house and expecting an onslaught of goblins and ghouls? Or are you going to eat all the Kit Kats and guard the perimeter like a certain someone?


  1. Not for Halloween specifically but there's a LARP I'm going to this Saturday wt a Halloween theme. LARP is always a good excuse to dress up funny, and as an added bonus one gets to hit people with padded sticks!

    1. Awesome! We did a halloween-themed bike ride last year--it was disconcerting (and funny) that the medic was dressed as a vampire :)

  2. I dress as a witch & pretend to test the kids who knock to see if they're good enough for my cauldron.

    Then later I see them at the store & they whisper loudly "Mommy there's that witch that puts little boys in her brew."

    1. LOL! That's priceless. Reminds me of a story I read about actress Tricia Helfer, back when she was playing a particularly nasty Cylon on Battlestar Galactica. She was in a PetCo or PetSmart or something, doing her shopping, when a little boy comes barreling around the corner, stops dead, gets this look of horror on his face, and bolts, wailing, "Maaaaaaaaaaa!"

  3. My dog and I are going as vampires for our pet-assisted therapy group's Halloween party and costume contest. For a bunch of adult ladies and gentlemen, we are *very* serious about this event, which is held at a large assisted living center. The residents are the judges and there will be treats for dogs and handlers, too.

    We get less than 10 trick-or-treaters and we have a steep driveway and a lot of steps to our front door. The little ones have to work to get to our door, so I usually hand out full-size candy bars or bags of candy and coins. I used to decorate the house and yard but have scaled back the last couple of years.

  4. I don't think we've ever had a tricker-treater come to our house LOL we're pretty much in the middle of no where. But I do love Halloween and we decorate the house.

    If you guys do dress up as zombie mountain bikers...I want pictures!!! :) LOL

  5. Halloween is pretty much the ONLY holiday we never skip. And when a biologist and a pathologist are in charge of the decor...