Monday, July 27, 2015

Fruit, Flowers and Small Appliances (and a heads up!)

According to Google-Fu, Arizona and I should have celebrated this past weekend with fruit and flowers (if we're traditional), or an electrical appliance if we're a more modern couple (and I can get over my instinctive twitch where it comes to getting household gadgets as alleged gifts, because, really, our vacuum cleaner sucks, and not in a good way). 

We, however, eschewed the fruit, flowers and vacuum for steaks. And not just steaks, but drinks and dessert, at a sit-down restaurant (an old favorite) without a newly crawling six-month-old in my lap trying to "help" as we toasted each other with actual adult beverages and said, "Happy four years." 

Yes, folks, this past weekend marked our fourth wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? And despite the small appliances thing, I think four is a very nice number. So I've collected a few special fours that I'd like to share with you!

Four is:

The number of years Arizona and I have been married, the number of months we knew each other before we got engaged, and the number of months our engagement spanned before we were married.

The number of teeth Wallaby is currently sporting. Well, almost--he's got two on the bottom and one on the top, and another top one is going to come through any minute now. Which means we're going heavy on the ice cubes and chewy things today, and keeping a tight rein on BBIs (Boob Biting Incidents).

The number of burners on our stove. And, coincidentally, the number of objects I have melted because, even having lived in our little house in the trees for three years now (aka 36 months, which is divisible by four), I still get tripped up by the little diagram on the back of the stove and turn on the wrong burner. I mention this having melted the feet off my rice cooker last night. Because I rock.

And, most fun of all ….

The date on which COMING HOME TO MUSTANG RIDGE will be in stores next week! August 4 is next Tuesday, and you can preorder now! This is a full-on paperback and digital release, and it's a story I adore. It follows on the heels of STARTING OVER AT MUSTANG RIDGE, so if you missed the novella, grab it now!

And tell me … What is your special four??


  1. Awww! Congrats to you and Arizona, Jess! It sounds like it has been a great four years. xo

    My special four are the four loves of my life. My husband and three kids. :) Four is a fabulous number. xo

  2. Okay.. second try.. I think my first response was eaten by not being signed in correctly...

    First Happy Anniversary and many many more. Adult dinners out are fantastic.. we still enjoy them even 30+ years later.

    My four .. would be men in my life. What happens having 3 wonderful sons.

    Four is one of my favorite numbers .. behind 42 (which has a four in it. ) Four is nice round number.

    Lastly.. wow.. another book out .. how did I miss that it was happening so soon. It has kept me from waiting months/weeks.. now it is only days.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Here's to at least 40 more wonderful years for both of you.

  4. Congratulations, Doc Jess!

    All I can think of is that I have 12 loads of laundry to do HAHA! and 12 counts because it's divisible by 4 LOL! This is what happens when everyone goes out of town multiple times in one times, but laundry...not so fun...

    Can't wait for the new book! Starting Over at Mustang Ridge is my favorite so far...but they get better and better with every new book! I love this series!

    Have a great day...and hope Wallaby doesn't bite you today!

  5. Oh no, not the rice cooker!

    Happy 4th Anniversary! So honored to have been there from the start. Um, Arizona didn't have to run back to the car for his ring at the dinner, did he? ;)

    The #4? Let's see, that would be math. Helloooo? I'm out.

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